Welcome to EngineDiapers.com, home of the original, light-weight, thin Sportsman & Sportsman Kevlar® diapers. Available in several sizes, not one-size-fits-all. Made in the USA, the DRE Engine Diaper will keep accidents in the diaper, not on the track!

Why choose the DRE Engine Diaper?

  •     NHRA/IHRA accepted.
  •     We manufacture the only totally waterproof engine diaper.
  •     Multiple sizes available.
  •     Made in the USA.
  •     Very lightweight and thin.
  •     Custom work and modifications available.
  •     Motor mounts and header clearance not an issue.

Custom Service Available

Every one of our DRE custom Engine Diapers are made to your engine’s specifications.  The “other guys” mass produce their diapers, which keeps the costs down, BUT they don’t fit very well.  If you’re going to go to the effort to have a diaper on your engine, get one that fits like a suit, not a sleeping bag!

Custom Upholstery

DRE can handle all your custom upholstery needs or special projects!  We are sportsman racers trying to keep other racers safe!

NEW! The DRE Cockpit Cover

D.R.E., the originator of the lightweight Sportsman diaper has come out with a new, innovative dragster cockpit cover.  The cockpit cover is designed to keep out moisture, sun, dust, and people. It folds into a very lightweight, compact size, and can be carried in the car to the staging lanes.  Easy attachment makes this the perfect addition to any dragster!

The DRE Cockpit Cover is only $99.00!  To order, call 217-454-5289!

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